For New Start

By Huh Gung-Yeol

First of all, I want to say for a mountaineering situation of korea since 1983.
It's impossible to display at here all records of our alpine activities until now, therefore if you want to know more about that, please check it at Of course at this site, there are not enough information of korean alpine activities because it resisted in only Himalayan areas. I want to refer brief tendency of korean alpinism. This is only my individual view, but not the view of all korean alpinists.

Becoming grown up economic situations of korea in 1980th, the members of expeditions for the Himalayas increased more and more. Furthermore abroad tour of korean opened in the end of 1980th, more and more alpinists gone away looking for adventure in high altitude covered with everlasting snow.

But to tell the true, until now that the new millennium started, pure development of alpinism compared with quantity expansion like that has not been done so much. Nevertheless a few frontier alpinists attempted new barriers, and they have gone to more various regions rather than only to Himalayas. Actually we have been to not only Nepal Himalayas, Karakorum, India Himalayas but also the Alps, Patagonia, Tien-san, Alaska, Aksu, ect.
And it's true in Korean alpinism that the new campaign for alpine style with more pure alpinism escaping from sherpa and fixed rope, become real. Korean alpine society in which already had summiteers of all 8000ms, will be need new concept for alpinism in actuary.

Our alpinism still stays in the swamp of ostentation, conscious for others, quantitatively, ultra nationalism, and polar system. But we will try to escape from that old idea which is against for pure alpinism. Anyway mountaineering activities are belonged to each individual of alpinists. First of all we will try to harmonize with life and mountaineering activities of ourselves, and to establish a good philosophy.
Then what's the pure alpinism?
In nowadays, it's echoing words which we have to escape from peak hunting style by normal route. Then what's the next developing level of alpinism? Someone think it directisima. But I can't make clear about it with principle of route. But this idea also easily become wrong if we can't concern it. This behavior with over using of bolting or fixed roping is not good than seizes-tactic style by normal route whether it employ sherpa or not. To tell the true, if we can't climb it by pure methods, we have to leave it for alpinists of future by our conscience.

In the modern material time when anywhere of global already had been stepped by mankind, which directions of the alpinism with adventure are heading? What I want to suggest for the alternative is going to the nature with only essential equipment, then feeling the great power of nature more directly.
For the alpinist of every regions in the planet.
How about we try to having pure mankind friendship with pure spirit together in the great nature. Alpinism have a good merit beyond ideology, national boundary, the human race, the region, Let try it together.